RED RUBY DEVON FRESH BEEF - Now all Sold Out - Some cuts, e.g. mince, available frozen

Fresh beef will next be available in June 2022

Red Ruby Devon are native cattle that produce excellent premium-quality beef. Our animals are home-bred and live outdoors the whole year round. They are grass-fed & only need hay in winter to keep them growing and in good condition.

We see and care for the animals every day of their lives: they are born here, grow up here and we take them directly from here to the abattoir ourselves. We go to a small, modern facility where we can see that the animals are well handled and tended to before slaughter. If when you choose meat, you care about traceability and animal health & welfare throughout their whole lives, this has to be as good as it gets.

The cattle graze permanent grassland pastures, improve soil health and convert the available grass into meat. Hay for their winter feed is home-produced and we use no artificial fertilizers, so the environmental impact for the whole cycle is as low as it can be.

We take them to slaughter between 22 and 26 months old: this extra age over commercial beef combines with the grass diet to provide tender, delicious meat, with a good marbling of fat. Grass-fed beef is high in the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids - much better for you than intensive, grain-finished beef. The carcase is then hung for 3 weeks (often referred to now as dry-ageing), before being butchered and the individual cuts vacuum-packed. We collect the meat from the abattoir on the day of butchering and it is fresh and ready for you to collect from 4pm that afternoon. Being vacuum-packed and labelled it is ready cook or to go straight into your freezer.

We usually have fresh beef available in the spring and summer. We also sell the frozen beef later in the year - cuts and quantities according to availability.

Beef box 12-14kg Best value
The beef comes in a box of mixed cuts, individually vacuum-packed and labelled, with a total weight of about 12-14kg, priced at 12.00/kg. Typical contents might be:

4x pack of 2 steaks (fillet, ribeye, sirloin, rump - we try to divide the steaks fairly but there's not enough fillet for everyone!)
2x 1kg roasting joints (e.g. topside, silverside or top rump)
3x 1kg slow-roast joints (e.g. brisket, slow-roast rib)
4x 500g stewing steak
6x 500g mince

Individual cuts
Fillet steak - approx 200g each approx 16 for 2 steaks
Ribeye steak - approx. 225g each approx 13 for 2 steaks
Sirloin steak - approx. 225g each approx 13 for 2 steaks
Rump steak - approx. 225g each approx 10 for 2 steaks
Topside/ silverside / top rump roasting joints - approx 1-1.2kg - 13/kg
Brisket / slow roast joints - approx 1-1.2kg - 12/kg
Braising steak / diced beef - 500g - 4.75
Mince - 500g - 4.50

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