We keep a mix of traditional breed hens, for example French Marans, cuckoo Marans, welsummer & leghorn.

They usually enjoy a free run of the fields (depending on whether foxes are lurking about), scratching through the grass and leaves. Their foraging is supplemented by a feed that is free of additives and GMs, so the rich, dark yolks are entirely natural and not created through feed with added yolk colouring that is frequently used.

Traditional breeds are less prolific layers than commercial birds but we have eggs for sale most days during the summer, at 2.00 per half-dozen. We used to sell at the gate with an honesty box but no longer... You are welcome to come and knock on the door to see what we have available.

You are welcome to come and visit - please give us a ring!


North End Farm
Hale Road
Hampshire SP6 2AN

Tel: 01725 512307

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Last Updated 02 November 2021