We sell fresh or frozen New Forest wild venison direct to you by collection. Note that fresh wild venison is only available in the doe season - November to March.

The New Forest has been known for its wild deer since the days of its designation by William the Conqueror. Today, fallow deer provide the most sustainable, ethical, healthy, local source of protein around.

Sustainable - Choosing to eat wild venison from the New Forest is an essential way to help protect its important habitats and species. Fallow graze and browse the valuable flora that support insects that in turn support small mammals and birds. By managing the population of fallow, which has no natural predator here in the UK, we can work towards keeping a good level of grazing and browsing without it impacting negatively on woodland regeneration or butterfly numbers, for example. It is a natural balance. Wild venison has virtually zero carbon or water footprint, so is as environmentally friendly as you can imagine.

Ethical - Wild fallow deer enjoy a free-roaming, stress-free life in the countryside in and around the New Forest National Park. New Forest wild venison has to be as ethical as meat gets, since the animals are not subject to any production methods, artificial inputs or any stress at an abattoir - this is true organic, wild, free-range meat. By protecting the habitats of the New Forest, eating wild venison is helping to safeguard the future.

Healthy - wild venison is a naturally lean meat, lower in fat than everyday meats. No special skills are needed to cook it and venison can replace other meats in your everyday meals. No veterinary medicines, GM or unsustainably grown feed mean that wild venison is the healthiest of meats.

Local - we only sell wild venison from the north of the New Forest, taken from North End Farm land or within 2 or 3 miles. Complete traceability is available with every pack of meat.

Enjoy this truly local, wild and free-range meat - please, for environmental reasons, always choose wild rather than farmed venison!

The doe season is now over - we focus on the doe season for good deer management reasons - venison will be available again from next November. Enjoy the seasonality and remember that all good things come to those who wait!

6 Sausages - 5.00 - Sold Out
Striploin (backstrap) - 18/kg - Sold Out
Diced - 500g 4.75 - Sold Out
Haunch (topside) boned & rolled - 12/kg - Sold Out

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